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Dunkin Donuts Original Blend Ground Coffee, Medium Roast (45 Ounce .)


SKU : 802600


Everyone loves a classic. Smooth, delicious, and flavorful-Dunkin’ Donuts Original sets the standard. Now you can enjoy favorite coffee at home, whenever you want with Dunkin’ Donuts Original Blend ground coffee. The legendary recipe uses 100% beans, which the industry regards as a superior grade of coffee, to provide you with the original Blend coffee that made Dunkin’ Donuts Famous. It’s made with 100% premium coffee grown, picked, and graded to rigorous Dunkin’ Donuts quality. The medium roast is smooth, mellow and easy-drinking, ideal for everything from your morning cups of joe to your afternoon coffee Breaks. It’s ground for easy use in any electric, drip or press-style coffee pot

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