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Nature Made Diabetes Health Pack, 60 Packets


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The Nature Made diabetes health pack is scientifically formulated to supply nutritional support for people with diabetes, and provides important nutrients that may be lacking due to the strain diabetes can often put on the body’s health. How might some nutrients help support healthy blood sugar levels already in the normal range? – research shows that chromium helps support healthy glucose metabolism. What can individuals do to minimize risk of getting diabetes? – individuals should maintain A healthy body weight, eat A well-balanced diet, and stay active. Consult with your primary healthcare providers before starting A new exercise routine, and meet with A registered dietitian/ nutritionist for support building A well-balanced diet. Key ingredients: multivitamin/mineral — Provides essential vitamins and minerals for nutritional support of the body. Fish oil with Vitamin D3 — Provides important omega-3 fatty acids. Epa and DHA are key Omega-3 fatty acids that help support A healthy heart. Vitamin D helps support healthy bones, teeth, muscle, and the immune system. Magnesium — participates in more than 300 reactions in the body. It is critical for many functions in the body, such as nerve, muscle and heart function. Magnesium also supports healthy bones and teeth and helps convert food into cellular energy. Vitamin C — Helps neutralize free radicals and helps iron get absorbed in the body. Vitamin C also helps support immune system. Alpha Lipoic Acid with Green Tea — with antioxidant properties help protect against damaging free radicals. Chromium — necessary for proper carbohydrate metabolism and utilization and helps support healthy glucose metabolism.

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