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Wholesale Form

Application for Account Creation

In the event that the provided records and furnished details do not align, your profile could potentially face suspension by our system. The precise alignment of critical aspects such as Full Name, Company Title, Physical Address, Taxpayer Identification, and other essential information is paramount. Discrepancies in this information may result in the rejection of your account application, and any subsequent submissions could be subject to permanent suspension by our system. It’s important to acknowledge that the data you provide will be utilized exclusively for generating invoices.

We earnestly urge you to engage in a meticulous review of the information provided. To proceed with both account setup and the placement of orders, it is mandatory that you complete the application form. It’s essential to use the same email address for orders as the one supplied in the form. To ensure seamless communication, we kindly recommend adding info@nfdistribution.com to your list of contacts and conducting periodic checks of your Spam/Promotions directories.

For entities headquartered outside the United States, we extend a warm invitation to initiate contact via info@nfdistribution.com. Your cooperation is invaluable as we work together to ensure a smooth and effective process.

1. On which platforms do you currently conduct sales? Is it Amazon or Walmart?
3. We kindly request that you refrain from utilizing role-based email addresses (such as marketing@, admin@, sales@, etc.). This is because we will be forwarding weekly promotions, invoices, dimensional details, and other relevant information to the email address you provide. To ensure seamless delivery, please employ your personal or suitable email address.
4. Sellers Permit or Resale Certificate

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